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Ettlinger 2 Year Anniversary

2015 saw the foundation of the Ettlinger and Motan Colortronic sales and service agreement in the UK & Ireland.

09 January 2018


The Ettlinger ERF and ECO continuous melt filters are well established in the industry (since 2004) and now, after 2 years in the UK and Irish markets, these are working successfully in applications where low to very high levels of contaminants are present in the plastic granules to be extruded.

The main characteristics include constant melt pressure with continuous melt filtration and systems with materials such as PE, PP, HDPE, PS and PET with aluminium, paper, silicon, rubber, with levels of up to 5% have been supplied into the markets.


The patented system comes in ranges from 200-6,000 kg per hour whilst the unique filter drum and discharge device ensures the melt loss is kept to a minimum.


A test facility is now available for customer evaluation and testing.

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