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The Company ownership changed in 1990 and there followed a period of growth and consolidation as the UK market leader for plastic bearing cages, working closely with market leading bearing manufacturers.
Wavin UK
Wavin brands include :Wavin, OSMA,Hep2o and Certus. Wavin UK use Motan Colortronic products including central drying , central conveying, gravimetric loss in weight blending etc.
John Guest
John Guest is a world class supplier of injection moulded parts and extrusion for the following industrial sectors: Plumbing and heating, Beverage and drinks dispense, Air and pneumatics, Blown fibre and automotive.
Plastek UK Ltd
Plastek UK Ltd is a division of the USA based Plastek Group, a renowned world class manufacturer within the Plastics industry.
Utz Ltd
Utz develop and produce clever and sustainable reusable plastic products which optimise your logistics processes.
Fibre Extrusion Technology
Working together with Motan Colortronic Limited and technical collaboration with synthetic absorbable polymer suppliers, Fibre Extrusion Technology decided to develop this pioneering process after evaluating not just the machine and ancillary requirements but the challenges and requirements of the end product.
CRC Evans
When CRC-Evans Pipeline Induction Heat (PIH) decided to develop a pioneering new fused field joint for three layer PP coatings to be used as a field joint, it required ground breaking engineering solutions to make the process work effectively, smoothly, reliably and in very unusual conditions.